Rares Trade Route

LY System Station Buy Sell
133 Ethgreze Bloch Station Ethgreze Tea Buds Wuthielo
Ku Froth
77 Zeessze Nicollier Hanger Zeessze And
Grub Glue
26 Altair Solo Orbiter Altair Skin Utgaroar
Millennial Eggs
115 Leesti George Lucas Leestain
Evil Juice,Azure Milk
3 Diso Shifnal Port Diso Ma Corn
112 Neritus Troll Ring Neritus Berries
115 Aerial Andrade Legacy Edan Apples Ethgreze
Tea Buds, Zeessze Ant Grbu Glue, Altair Skin, Leestian Evil Juice, Azure
Milk, Diso Ma Corn, Tauri Chimes, Live Hecate Sea Worms, Ochoeng Chillies,
Ethgreze Teas Buds
93 Wuthielo Ku Tarter Dock Wuthielo Ku Froth
120 Coquim Hirayama
Spongiform Victuals
49 Utgaroar Fort Klarix Utgaroar
Millennial Eggs
94 39 Tauri Porta Tauri Chimes
49 Hecate RJH1972 Live Hecate
Sea Worms
Berries, Edan Apples, Coquim Spongiform Victuals
94 Ochoeng Roddenberry
Ochoeng Chillies
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